Annual Subscriptions

Each year plot holders are asked to pay a subscription fee, currently £10.00 per plot per year. Your ‘subs’ enables the committee to:

  •  Purchase garden equipment currently a rotavator, trimmer and lawn-mower which can be used free-of-charge to paid up members (with a small donation for fuel used – which is provided) – see separate produce and equipment price list.
  •  Cover the cost of insuring and maintaining each item of machinery
  •  Pay for cleaning and maintenance of the portable toilet, which has now been purchased outright and so is on site all the year round.
  •  Cover the cost of membership of the National Allotments Society and the Cardiff Allotments Holders Association
  •  Pay for public liability insurance
  •  Fund any minor repairs that are not covered by the local management agreement.

I’m sure that you would all agree that your £10.00 goes a very long way and represents great value for money.