Product and Equipment Price List 2016

The shop is open every Sunday 1.30pm to 3.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays) from April to September, or by appointment with the Site Secretary, Judith Hill. You can also contact us here

Products For Sale

Growmore20 kilograms£20.00
Blood, fish & bone20 kilograms£15.00
Groworganic pelletedPer sack£8.00
6X soil conditioner loosePer sack£7.00
6X soil conditioner pelletedPer tub£6.50
Slug pellets tub1 kilogram£2.75
Rapid insecticideUnspecified£3.40
Malathion liquidUnspecified£2.60
Garden lime20 kilograms£12.00
Green netting2 metres wide£1.20 per metre
Clear polythene4 metres wide60p per metre
Black polythene4 metres wide£2.50 per metre
Black mulch0.5 metres wide£1.00 per metre
Black mulch1 metre wide£1.50 per metre
Black mulch2 metres wide£2.00 per metre
Pea nettingPer metre50p
Fleece3 metres wide£1.00 per metre
Bamboo canes1.8m/6'30p each
Bamboo canes2.4m/8'40p each
Galvanised wirePer metre10p

Equipment For Hire

Note: fuel and safety wear provided. When you have paid your annual subscription – you can now use these machines free of charge – just a small donation for the petrol use is needed.

RotavatorHalf day£15.00
StrimmerHalf day£5.00
LawnmowerHalf day£5.00